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Sri Lanka Has Imported 50 Compactor Garbage Trucks from CSCTRUCK

Compactor garbage truck

Sri Lanka is taking steps to address its growing waste management challenges by importing 50 compactor garbage trucks from CSCTRUCK. The move is aimed at improving the efficiency of garbage collection and disposal in the country, which has been a long-standing problem for the authorities. The garbage problem in Sri Lanka is not a new […]

Turkmenistan Has Imported 6 RHD Articulated Garbage Trucks with Bin Lifters from CSCTRUCK

garbage truck

May brings with it some exciting news. CSCTRUCK, the manufacturer of our garbage trucks, has finished producing 6 RHD Dongfeng chassis garbage trucks with arm-type lifting systems that were ordered earlier this month. They are now being delivered to Customs. Along with these garbage trucks, there are 48 engineering garbage hook-arm garbage bins included. Below, […]

15 Sanitation Vehicles by CSCTRUCK Exported to Madagascar

Sanitation Vehicles (3)

CSCTRUCK, a leading manufacturer of high-end sanitation vehicles, is gearing up to deliver the 3rd shipment of 15 export sanitation vehicles to their valued customer in Madagascar on May 7th. The company takes pride in delivering top-quality vehicles that are designed to meet the specific needs of its customers. As a trusted name in the […]

Electric Sanitation Vehicles are in High Demand

road sweeper truck

During the April Sanitation Vehicles Exhibition held in the North China area, we witnessed many different electric sanitation vehicles. This road maintenance water jetting truck is powered by a lithium iron phosphate battery pack, making it energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and user-friendly. It features a JAC chassis and is primarily used for cleaning city streets and non-motorized […]

10 Compactor Garbage Trucks from CSCTRUCK Have been Exported to South America

compactor garbage truck

CSCTRUCK, a leading manufacturer of special vehicles in China, recently made a significant contribution to international market expansion by exporting 10 compactor garbage trucks to South America. The ceremony for the shipment of compactor garbage trucks was held on April 26th in front of the factory area in Hubei and was witnessed by more than […]

CSCTRUCK is All Set to Export 20 Sprinkler Trucks to Outer Mongolia

Hubei CSCTRUCK Group, a renowned manufacturer of special-purpose vehicles, has recently produced 20 double-axle sprinkler trucks that are scheduled to be shipped to Outer Mongolia on 30th, Apr. Sprinkler trucks have a significant role to play in the development of the national economy. Unlike passenger cars, which are primarily meant for personal use, sprinkler trucks […]

4 Dongfeng 6-Cubic-Meter Compactor Garbage Trucks Exported to Russia

compactor garbage truck

On April 10th, 4 Dongfeng 6-cubic-meter compactor garbage trucks are successfully transported to Russia. CSCTRUCK trucks are equipped with a combined electric, gas, and liquid control system, featuring both manual and electric operating options. The tail loading system is a one-key operation and there are sets on both sides of the rear of the garbage […]

CSCTRUCK Municipal’s Pure Electric Sanitation Vehicles Make Green Impact in Oceania’s High-End Market

white rear loader compactor garbage truck

Recently, on April 5th, CSCTRUCK Municipal successfully exported several of their electric compactor garbage trucks to the Oceania market. This marks the second sale of this model in the region, and another batch of global export orders for CSCTRUCK Municipal, following Asia and Africa earlier this year. It is a testament to the company’s growing reputation […]

Top 4 Must-See Hook Loader Garbage Trucks for Efficient Waste Collection

Dongfeng Duolika

The hook arm garbage truck has become a popular model in the sanitation vehicle industry, and there are several new models that have recently hit the market. Let’s take a closer look at some of these new hook-arm garbage trucks. Dongfeng Duolika is a well-known brand in the sanitation vehicle industry, and its hook-arm garbage […]

CSCTRUCK’s Sanitation Products Earned Praise in Japan

CSCTRUCK garbage compactor truck

Local news reports in Japan have stated that CSCTRUCK, a leading supplier of sanitation equipment in China, recently delivered a garbage compactor truck to Aizu Wakamatsu City Co., Ltd., Aizu Garbage Treatment Center on March 28. The event was attended by representatives from CSCTRUCK, Aizu Ziko, and Aizu Garbage Disposal Center, as well as local […]