4 Major Functions Real Shot of DONGFENG Tianjin Sewer Sweeper Truck

DONGFENG Tianjin KR Sewer Sweeper Truck Bumper

The Tianjin KR sewer sweeper truck launched by DONGFENG Commercial Vehicle has distinctive features of power performance, reliable chassis carrying capacity, and high-efficiency bodywork. Domineering appearance The beautiful scenery of the city: The curved windshield glass used by Tianjin KR can effectively relieve the driver’s visual fatigue caused by complex road conditions in urban areas. […]

The Differences between Side Loader Garbage Truck and Rear Loader Garbage Truck

Rear Loader Garbage Truck Sales

Compactor garbage trucks are widely used in the collection and transfer of domestic garbage. Because it has the advantage of being compressible, the transfer efficiency is higher, and it has a high share in garbage trucks. With the gradual deepening of garbage classification, the compactor garbage truck collects, compresses, and transfers the garbage into the […]

ISUZU Food Waste Truck Functional Part Introduction

ISUZU Food Waste Truck

The newest ISUZU food waste truck‘s shape and structure are very different from common kitchen garbage trucks. The most obvious difference is that the box body of the traditional van kitchen garbage truck is a cuboid shape: The front half of the box of this Isuzu kitchen garbage truck is semi-circular. The Isuzu KV100 kitchen […]

How to Inquiring Trucks from CSCTRUCK

Hubei CSCTRUCK (Chusheng Vehicle)

After CSCTRUCK exported many special vehicles, we found that some customers did not fully understand Chinese special trucks. As a professional manufacturer of special vehicles, we need to guide customers to fully understand their needs and recommend the most suitable truck for them.   1: What brand of chassis do customers prefer? Customers in each […]