• About Sewage Truck

  • Sewer trucks, also known as vacuum trucks and sewage trucks, are water tank trucks equipped with high-pressure water pumps. They are mainly used for cleaning sediments in sewers, dredging sewers, and cleaning industrial drainage pipes, walls, etc., and can also be used as sprinklers. It is used for transporting water and flushing roads, and can also be used for emergency fire fighting.

    The sewer suction truck and the manure suction truck are composed of a high-pressure cleaning vehicle combined with a sewage suction truck and a sludge suction truck, also known as a combined sewage suction truck. Field cleaning, industrial water pipes, industrial and mining enterprises, residential area sewage pipes, slag pipes, rainwater pipes, gas pipes, flues, oil pipelines, and blockages of two-phase flow pipelines.

    The sewage truck is composed of a chassis and an upper body. The upper body of the sewage truck is made of high-quality WISCO. The tank body is a round tank. There are reinforcing ribs on the outside of the tank body. When the device is turned on, the sludge can be emptied at one time. The most distinctive feature is that the sewage suction tank has a mud-water separation system. When the tank space is not enough, the mud-water classification system can be opened to prolong the operation time and increase the workload.

    The characteristics of high-pressure cleaning are that high-quality vacuum pumps are used, and the pressure can reach 16 MPa. The main components are oil-water separators and water-vapor separators. The wide range of uses of high-pressure sewage suction trucks.

    The high-pressure cleaning sewage suction truck is a microcosm of the development of sanitation equipment in the future. In the future, sanitation equipment will be more humanized and intelligent.