The Vacuum Sewer Truck is available in different truck chassis with suitable power. The vacuum pump standard-equipped Chinese quality pump, optional for imported Italy or German pumps, and is equipped with a wireless remote control sewage suction arm.

The three-level full-filling automatic protection system effectively protects the safety of the vacuum equipment. Remote operation equipment suction, boom telescopic, and other functions; optional mud-water separation and suction and drainage integrated equipment.


Vacuum Sewer Truck Drainage Suction

Vacuum Sewer Truck Drainage Suction

Municipal, Community

It is suitable for the suction and transportation of sludge in various urban rainwater and sewage pipelines, and can also be used for the extraction and transportation of industrial sewage and waste liquid.

Vacuum Sewer Truck Sludge Suction Testing

Sludge Suction Testing

Pond/Pool Mud Suction

More Vacuum Sewer Trucks in YouTube Channel

The composition of the sewage suction truck: oil-water separator, water-gas separator, special vacuum sewage suction pump, volume pressure gauge, pipe network system, suction conduit, artesian valve, vacuum tank, the communication device (stool window), automatic anti-septic Overflow valve, hydraulic kit.

Adopt a telescopic oil cylinder to lift the tank and full door to unload mud, beautiful appearance, and easy operation. Sewage discharge port, after the tank is full, if necessary, the upper liquid can be discharged from here after the solid-liquid precipitation and separation, and continue to absorb sewage.

CSCTRUCK municipal GIGA 6X4 Sewer Vacuum Truck (3)

ISUZU GIGA 6X4 Sewer Vacuum Truck (8)

standard features

Body Unit Only without Chassis


Vacuum Sewer Truck Tear Tipping

Vacuum Sewer Truck Front Tank Tipping

Industry heavy-duty sludge sewer tipper truck


All steel electric welded construction from mild steel, Grade Q235, Tensile δ5/% Yield Strength 235 Mpa (equivalent to ASTM A-36/S275JR), different thicknesses and diameters.

Tank Style

Cylindrical type, equipped with splash walls/ baffle plates and reinforced around the circumference.

Vacuum Sewer Truck Tank Style


from mild steel sheet by 10m rolling mc

Vacuum Sewer Truck Steel Weldment1

Tank Build

Bracket Weldment

Vacuum Sewer Truck Steel Weldment3

Tank Build

Outlet Weldment

Vacuum Sewer Truck Steel Weldment2

Tank Build

Outlet Weldment

Vacuum Sewer Truck Tank Dish End

Dish Fabrication

Vacuum Sewer Truck Dish End

Filling Level Indicator

2 nos. Indicator mark on the tank for maximum and minimum levels of Acrylic Sight Glass furnished

Vacuum Sewer Truck Rear Side Indicator

Acrylic Sight Glass Indicator

Side mounted

Rear Sight Level Indicator

low / middle / high

REAR – Tipping Tank

Double cylinders rear lifting

Vacuum Sewer Truck Rear Level Indicator

Sight Indicator

Rear mounted Acrylic Tube

Vacuum Sewer Truck Rear Observing Window

Vacuum Pump

FLOWSERVE SIHI LEMC90 Liquid ring vacuum pumps Suction volume flow: 20 to 200 m³/h



Air pump to safeguard pump from overflowing Sludge tank between the air pump and the tank.


Four-way-cock for suction and pressure manually controlled, safety valve for maintenance of the pressure.


Height from ground to suction hose 1.4 m & 2.3m.Through a 3″ coupling mounted on the side tank which is through a steel pipe ( w/ a 3″ ball valve) mounted on a tank top and middle tank( w/ a 2.5″ ball valve) suction port.

Vacuum Sewer Truck Loading Port

Loading Port

High/Low Level Loading


Provided Vacuum limiting valve and drain-off valve. The outlet from the tank provides a quick connect coupling interface. (Through a 4″ Ball valve with coupling mounted on the rear dish.)


Sandblasted to Chinese Standard. Internal coated epoxy lining.

External electrophoretic coating primer and top coated of high gloss finish PU paint in a single color ( customer choice).

Rear Lib Skirting

Mounted under the rear lib to protect sewage spattering.


The location of the pump is installed by the left side of the emptier tank.


– Hose the platform on either side of the tank.
– Suction and delivery rubber hose 3″ x 4 m length fitted with couplings 2 nos.
– Mudguard and rubber mud flaps for the rear wheel.
– Rear bumper with anti-underrun protection.
– Side marker lights
– Side crash guard
– Tank lifting hook
– Steel toolbox, Steel water tank
– Fire extinguisher storage box
– Number plate
– Reflecting sticker as per traffic regulations

Safety Devices

– Automatic air cutout valve protection to prevent tank contents from entering the pump. (Primary Shutoff)

– Pressure Relief Valve
– Vacuum Relief Valve
– Vacuum/Pressure Gauge
– Contents Indicator
– Oil /Gas /Water Separator

Rear Dish End

The tailgate is tightly locked, and two suitably dimensioned double-acting hydraulic cylinders affect the raising and lowering of the door. The door be raised through a minimum angle of 80° to the vertical. Locking and sealing of the rear door be done by hand wheel-operated bolts, of a robust design located circumferentially on the tank’s rear end of the shell.

Full size manually openable side-hinged rear door for cleaning and maintenance provided with manual wheel type retaining clamps (whale design) for checking in position and oil/fuel/sewage resistant rubber seal.

Optional features

Vacuum Pump

MORO/JUROP Volume Flow Range from 2600-16400LPM

WLONG Volume Flow from 2000-9600LPM

Vacuum Sewer Truck Vacuum Compressor

Vacuum Sewer Truck Vacuum Pump
Choose Suitable Pump

Tank Style

– Fixed Vacuum Tank

– Skid Mounted Tank

– Front Lifting Tank

Tank Material

– SUS304 Stainless Steel Tank

– Steel Tank Coated with Stainless Steel Sheet


– Tank Side Mounted Toolbox( Stainless Steel)

– Foldable climb ladder

– Multi Design for hose storage

Accessories Store

Control System

Electric Button Control for Door opening and Tank lifting

Vacuum Sewer Truck Manual Level Rob Control

Manual Level Rob Control

Standard equipped, optional for auto control

Rear Lib Clamps

Hydraulic Operated Clamps

Safety Device

– Silencer

– Safety pot with ball vane (Secondary Shutoff)

Accessories Store

Optional Configuration

CSCTRUCK vacuum suction truck New craft

CSCTRUCK sewer vacuum truck Optional configuration

Components & Accessories

PTO, drive vacuum pump, and hydraulic oil pump.

Industrial Sewage Suction Truck (17)
Hydraulic Oil Pump, drive hydraulic oil to open the back cover and lift the suction tank.

Industrial Sewage Suction Truck (22).jpg
Hydraulic Cylinder, hydraulic opening, four-point hydraulic locking, hydraulic cylinder lifts the tank by 46°, electro-hydraulic opening, and closing of the tank, hydraulic locking is linked with the opening and closing of the tank door, and the tank door is rubber sealed.

Use an electrical integrated control manifold valve to effectively avoid electrical failure.

Vacuum Pump: Italy vacuum pump, the rotary vane type all-steel series vacuum pump adopts a high temperature resistant mechanical oil seal, which is suitable for high-temperature working conditions. The exhaust port adopts a flexible pressure adjustment system, which effectively reduces the noise. The oil leakage detection hole of the oil seal can effectively prevent oil leakage.

Primary Shutoff: Cylindrical shape with multi-layer partitions inside. When the oil-air mixture enters from the air inlet, it flows through the multi-layer plates. The specific gravity of the gas and the lubricating oil are different. The gas flows into the air outlet along the channel, and the separated oil is used again as the lubricating oil of the vacuum pump.

Secondary Shutoff: Cylindrical shape, there is a split baffle in the inlet, and a sealing ring and stainless steel ball are installed. When the water-gas mixture enters the water-gas separator from the tank, due to the difference in specific gravity between the water and the gas, the gas is discharged from the air outlet, and the water is dropped into the water-gas separator. The lower part of the water-gas separator. It is installed on the top of the large tank of the vacuum suction truck and is connected to the suction port of the pump. Its function is to push the one-way valve to the suction port of the device due to the action of the float when the suction tank is almost full and close the suction port under the combined action of the float and the vacuum suction, effectively preventing the sewage and floating objects in the large tank from being damaged the suction vacuum pump line and vacuum pump. A vacuum pressure gauge is used to detect the pressure in the tank. Water and sewage exchange, connect the water tank and the sewage tank, the sewage tank can be used as a water tank.

DN100 ball valve, the ball valve on the sewage suction truck is used for sewage pumping, and its material is generally aluminum alloy. The DN150 ball valve, the ball valve on the sewage suction truck is used for sewage self-draining, and its material is generally aluminum alloy. A fire Hydrant Interface is used to fill the water of the tank. A sewage Observation Window is used to detect the sewage water level in the tank.

Toolbox, for storing tools 6MM thick carbon steel plate, anti-corrosion treatment. The multi-way valve of the Sino-foreign joint venture is adopted, which is small in size, large in diameter, and balanced in force. The piston inside the multi-way valve is wear-resistant and durable. The tank is made of a national standard Q235 carbon steel plate, with strong pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, and durability, and test reports can be provided at any time.

Installed on the top of the tank to prevent dirt from entering the vacuum pump pipeline and vacuum pump when the tank is full.

Why CSCTRUCK municipal

  100% custom-made
  3 CBM to 35 CBM available
  Short delivery time 7~30 days
  Easy operation and easy maintenance
  15 years of spare parts & Technical support

—- Local engineer training support.

customer build CSCTRUCK Municipal tanker trucks for inspection and training

—- 12 months FREE parts.

—- Factory genuine parts supply.

—- 7 days to worldwide by DHL.

Original spare parts for vacuum sewage trucks CSCTRUCK 6,000 liters water cleaning tank sewer suction truck

 Operation Manual  Chassis parts    Maintenance Tools

—- 15 years experience in Design & Export.

—- 100% customer-made trucks.

—- Fast delivery assurance.

Factory for 8 Tons to 10 Tons Waste Water Trucks New Model Vacuum Tank truck Manufacturer

—- Service more than 60 countries.

—-  Professional guidance on your importing documents

—- Maximize and save your sea freight.

—- Professional guidance on your importing documents.

—- Safety, Quickly, Timely

CSCTRUCK municipal water vacuum trucks for shipping to Myanmar and other countries

—- Quickly ship worldwide.

—- Color and LOGO can be wished.

China sewage suction tank trucks in store for sale


—- SGS, BV, CONTECNA, CE Qualified.

—-  CO, FORM E, FORM P, Pre-shipping Inspection…

documents for 10 000L sewage sludge suction truck CSCTRUCK municipal vacuum sewerage truck

Our Certifications

Available Vacuum Sewer Truck Models

Successful Case

Vacuum Sewer Trucks to World

Attention, we could manufacture all the vacuum trucks in the gallery, If you have needs, please attach the picture and contact our sales staff directly, we can meet all your customized needs.

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WLONG 50QZXDH-68 Sliding Vane, Volume Flow 4080LPM5,000 Liters
HOWO 8 Ton Sanitary Septic Truck116 hpHOWO - G2W8 Ton
WLONG 50QZXDH-68 Sliding Vane, Volume Flow4080LPM5,000 Liters
ISUZU 8 Ton Sewage Vacuum Truck130 hpISUZU - KV6008 Ton
MORO PM60A, Sliding Vane, Volume Flow7,200LPM5,000 Liters
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JUROP PNR142, Sliding Vane, Volume Flow 14,200LPM8,500 Liters
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ISUZU 16 Ton Septic Vacuum Truck205 hpISUZU - FTR16 TonJUROP PN58,Sliding Vanes,Volume Flow 6,500LPM12,000 Liters
HOWO 16 Ton Sewer Tanker Truck226 hpSINOTRUK- HOWO T5G16 TonMORO,PM60A,Sliding Vanes,Volume Flow 7200LPM12,000 Liters
DONGFENG 16 Ton Vacuum Suction Truck190 hpDONGFENG - KINGRUN16 TonJUROP PN84, Sliding Vane, Volume Flow 9,000LPM12,000 Liters
12000 Liters Offroad Vacuum Truck Oilfield Services245 hpDONGFENG25 TonJUROP PN155,Sliding Vanes,Volume Flow 15,200LPM12,000 Liters
SHACMAN 15000 Liters Vacuum Tank Truck270 hpSHACMAN - H300025 TonMORO PM70A, Sliding Vane, Volume Flow 9,400LPM15,000 Liters
DONGFENG 18 Ton Septic Vacuum Tank210 hpDONGFENG - KR18 TonMEC II 9000, Sliding Vane, Volume Flow 9,030LPM15,000 Liters
ISUZU 18 Ton Municipal Liquid Waste Tanker240 hpISUZU -FTR18 TonMORO PM80W, Sliding Vanes,Volume Flow 12,000LPM15,000 Liters
HOWO 16000 Liters Septic Tank Vacuum Truck336 hpHOWO - T5G25 TonJUROP PVT200, Roots Pump, Volume Flow 21,350LPM16,000 Liters
BEIBEN 25 Ton Sewage Vacuum Truck300 hpBEIBEN - NG8025 TonMORO PM110,Sliding Vane, Volume Flow 16,400LPM18,000 Liters
DONGFENG 18000 Liters Sewage Vacuum Truck340 hpDONGFENG - KINLAND25 Ton2BE204,Liquid Ring Pump, Volume Flow 24,200LPM18,000 Liters
SHACMAN 18000 Liters Septic Suction Truck340 hpSHACMAN - F300025 TonCVS VacuStar W1300,Compressor,Volume Flow 21,600LPM18,000 Liters
FOTON 25 Ton Liquid Waste Vacuum Truck336 hpFOTON - AUMAN ETX25 Ton2BEA253, Liquid Ring, Volume Flow 20,000LPM18,000 Liters
SHACMAN 25 Ton Sewer Suction Truck350 hpSHACMAN-Y625 Ton
JUROP PVT280,Roots Pump,Volume Flow 30,800LPM
20,000 Liters
HOWO 25 Ton Sewage Suction Truck336 hpHOWO - T5G25 Ton
SK-30,Liquid Ring Pump, Volume Flow 30,000LPM20,000 Liters
DONGFENG 25 Ton Sewer Vacuum Truck375 hpDONGFENG - KINLAND25 Ton
SK-30,Liquid Ring Pump, Volume Flow 30,000LPM20,000 Liters
ISUZU GIGA 25 Ton Vacuum Truck380 hpISUZU- GIGA25 Ton
MORO KWP2000i,Liquid Ring Pump, Volume Flow 33,300LPM
20,000 Liters
FAW 12 Ton Cesspit Emptier Vacuum Truck170 hpFAW12 Ton
YIFENG/XD-360 Vacuum Pump, Capacity 6000LPM8,000 Liters
SINOTRUK 10,000L Vacuum Sewage Tanker Truck290 hpSINOTRUK - HOWO23 Ton
JUROP, PN45, Sliding Vanes, Volume Flow 5,300LPM10,000 Liters
FOTON 16 Ton Sludge Vacuum Suction Truck210 hpFOTON - AUMAN16 Ton
JUROP, PN45, Sliding Vanes, Volume Flow 5,300LPM10,000 Liters
FAW 8 Ton Exhauster Sewage Suction Truck120 hpFAW8 Ton
VERYONG/68-7000, Sliding Vanes, Volume Flow 4,080LPM5,000 Liters