Sludge Collector Truck

DONGFENG Residential City Sewage Pump Truck108 hpDONGFENG 8 Ton5 CBM
DONGFNEG Small Sewer Septic Truck170 hpDONGFENG - KR12 Ton
FOTON Mini Toilet Vacuum Sewage Tank Truck141 hpFOTON- AUMARK10 Ton4 CBM
Foton Small Vacuum Sewage Suction Truck141 hpFOTON- AUMARK10 Ton4 CBM
FOTON Toilet Vacuum Sucker Truck170 hpFOTON - AUMARK12 Ton8 CBM
SINOTRUK 5CBM Fecal Suction Truck141 hpSINOTRUK - HOWO7 Ton5 CBM
ISUZU 5,000L Septic Vacuum Truck130 hpISUZU - 600P7 Ton5 CBM
FAW 5,000L Cesspit Emptier Truck120 hpFAW - Tiger VR7 Ton5 CBM
FAW 12CBM Septic Vacuum Truck210 hpFAW18 Ton12 CBM
SHACMAN 5CBM Sludge Tanker Truck129 hpSHACMAN8 Ton5 CBM
SINOTRUK 20CBM Septic Pump Truck371 hpSINOTRUK - HOHAN25 Ton20 CBM
SHACMAN Septic Tank Vacuum Truck290 hpSHACMAN - H300025 Ton20 CBM
DONGFENG 20CBM Septic Suction Truck340 hpDONGFENG - Classic25 Ton20 CBM
DONGFENG 8CBM Septic Tank Truck160 hpDONGFENG - DOLLICA12 Ton8 CBM

About CSCTRUCK Municipal Sludge Collection Truck

A sludge collector truck is a specialized vehicle designed for the collection, transportation, and disposal of sludge, a semi-solid material that is produced as a byproduct of various industrial and municipal processes. These trucks are equipped with a variety of features and systems that allow them to effectively collect and transport sludge to a treatment facility or other location for disposal.

The most common type of sludge collector truck is a vacuum truck, which uses a powerful vacuum system to suck up sludge and other materials from various sources such as treatment plants, industrial facilities, and municipal sewer systems. The truck is equipped with a long hose that can be inserted into the source of the sludge to collect it. The vacuum system can be adjusted to suit the needs of the task at hand and can be controlled manually or through automated systems.

Another type of sludge collector truck is the tanker truck, which is used to transport sludge from one location to another. The truck is equipped with a tank that is used to store the sludge, and it is equipped with a pump that can be used to transfer the sludge from the tank to the truck. These trucks are typically used to transport sludge from treatment plants to landfills or other disposal sites.

Sludge collector trucks are operated by municipalities, private companies, and other organizations to keep industrial and municipal areas clean and free of sludge and other waste materials. They play a vital role in maintaining the overall health and safety of communities by removing and disposing of sludge in a safe and efficient manner.

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