Waterless Sweeper Trucks

A waterless sweeper truck is a specialized vehicle that is used to clean and maintain the cleanliness of streets and roads without the use of water. It typically has a variety of attachments and tools, such as brooms and dustpans, to sweep and collect dirt, debris, and trash. These trucks are designed to be efficient, using dry sweeping methods instead of water to clean the streets.

This not only helps to save water but also to keep the dust and debris contained without spreading it around. Waterless sweepers are an important tool for keeping cities and towns clean and can help to improve air quality and reduce the amount of litter on the streets. They are typically operated by municipalities or private companies and are essential for maintaining the appearance and safety of streets and roads in an eco-friendly way.

CSCTRUCK waterless sweepers are a reliable and cost-effective option for municipalities and private companies looking to maintain the cleanliness of their streets and roads. CSCTRUCK municipal also provides high-quality sewage trucks, garbage trucks, and water bowser trucks.

Waterless Sweeper

ISUZU Waterless Road Sweeper Truck120 hpISUZU - 600P7 Ton5 CBM
FOTON Vacuum Cleaner Sweeper Truck210 hpFOTON - AUMAN14 Ton12 CBM
FOTON Dry Dust Sweeper Truck88 hpFOTON - FORLAND5 Ton3 CBM
SINOTRUK Dry Clean Sweeper Truck210 hpSINOTRUK - HOWO16 Ton12 CBM
SINOTRUK Vacuum Clean Sweeper Truck210 hpSINOTRUK - HOWO16 Ton12 CBM
DONGFENG Vacuum Clean Sweeper Truck160 hpDongfeng - DFAC12 Ton8 CBM
ISUZU Vacuum Clean Sweeper Truck130 hpISUZU - 600P7 Ton5 CBM
FOTON 5CBM Dust Sweeping Truck110 hpFOTON - AUMARK7 Ton5 CBM