About Side Loader Garbage Truck

Side loader garbage truck automatically dumps the garbage by lifting the trash can with a pull rod, and pushes and squeezes the garbage to the rear of the carriage to achieve the purpose of compressing the garbage. The compression principle is to use the mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic linkage control system, computer control, and manual operating system, The garbage is poured, crushed, or flattened through devices such as fillers and push shovels, and the garbage is squeezed into the carriage and compacted and pushed. Its characteristics are a large compression ratio and high loading capacity: the maximum crushing pressure is 12 tons, and the loading capacity is equivalent to two and a half times that of the same ton of non-compressed garbage.

A side loader compactor garbage truck is a kind of garbage truck, which is the combination structure of a side loader garbage truck and compactor garbage truck.

Side loader compactor garbage truck vs rear loader compactor garbage truck

The biggest difference between the side loader compactor and the rear loader compactor is the loading method. The former is side-mounted, and the trash can is automatically poured into the garbage by pulling the rod, and the garbage is pushed and squeezed to the rear of the carriage to achieve the purpose of compressing the garbage. In the latter, the garbage is loaded from the back by directly hanging the bucket or by manual input, and pushing and squeezing the garbage to the front of the carriage to achieve the purpose of compression.

The unloading method of the two compactor garbage trucks is the same, and the purpose of unloading is achieved by pushing out the push plate in the compression box. The garbage in the roadside trash can be collected into the garbage compartment, and the garbage truck can be compressed into blocks for transportation through the rear compression device, which saves the garbage volume, speeds up the efficiency, and has no secondary pollution.

Side loader compactor garbage truck application:
1. Automatic feeding of trash cans of different specifications to the compartment
2. The car roof door is automatically driven to open and close;
3. The rear door automatically rotates and drives to open and close;
4. The push plate in the carriage can squeeze the garbage to increase the garbage loading capacity;
5. The carriage is lifted in parallel, which can be docked with various types of compression trucks, and the garbage in the carriage can be pushed into the compression mechanism of the compression truck for compression, avoiding secondary pollution during the transfer process.

Side Loader Garbage Truck

DFAC Mini Automated Side Loader Garbage TruckDONGFENG - DFAC16 Ton5 CBM
Foton Food Waste Collection Truck141 hpFOTON - AUMARK10 Ton
FOTON 4CBM Side Loader Garbage Truck95 hpFOTON5 Ton
DONGFENG 12CBM Side Loader Garbage Truck190 hpDONGFENG - DFAC16 Ton12 CBM
SHACMAN Mobile Food Collection Truck149 hpSHACMAN8 Ton6 CBM
SINOTRUK 10CBM Food Waste Collection Truck190 hpSINOTRUK - HOMAN12 Ton10 CBM
FOTON 8CBM Food Waste Collection Truck141 hpFOTON - AUMARK10 Ton
DONGFENG 14CBM Food Waste Collection Truck220 hpDONGFENG - KR16 Ton14 CBM
FAW 10CBM Side Loader Garbage Truck160 hpFAW12 Ton10 CBM
FAW 4CBM Kitchen Waste Garbage Truck115 hpFAW - TIGER VR7 Ton4 CBM
SINOTRUK 5CBM Kitchen Waste Garbage Truck135 hpSINOTRUK - HOWO7 Ton5 CBM
ISUZU 5CBM Side Loader Garbage Truck130 hpISUZU - 600P7 Ton5 CBM
SHACMAN Electric Side Loader Truck217 hpSHACMAN12 Ton8 CBM
Kitchen Food Garbage Collection TruckJAC