About Garbage Truck

Garbage trucks are mainly used to transport various types of garbage in municipal sanitation and large-scale industrial settings. Specifically tailored for residential waste transportation within residential zones, these trucks are meticulously engineered to compact and crush garbage, augmenting its density and diminishing its volume. This innovation significantly bolsters the effectiveness of garbage collection and transportation processes. The most recent iterations of these trucks boast top-notch, dependable components, guaranteeing minimal failure rates, hassle-free maintenance, and cost-efficient operations.

There are several types of garbage trucks, and this encompasses skip loader garbage trucks, side loader garbage trucks, self-tipping garbage trucks, compactor garbage trucks, sealed garbage trucks, detachable compartment garbage trucks, and other equivalent series.

Skip loader garbage truck: This garbage truck is made up of various components such as the chassis, garbage bin (bucket), and swing arm deceleration buffer cylinder. Its distinguishing feature is that the garbage bin can be detached from the truck body, enabling one truck to be used with multiple garbage bins.

Self tipping garbage truck: This garbage truck uses a combination of a chain and hydraulic cylinder linkage device to semi-lift and rotate the garbage, effectively collecting waste from multiple garbage buckets into the truck's compartment, which can then be self-unloaded.

Compactor garbage truck: This kind of garbage truck incorporates a control system that combines mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic linkages, as well as a computer and manual operating system. This setup enables the use of various devices such as fillers and pushes shovels to pour, crush, or flatten garbage and compress it into the truck's compartment, effectively reducing its volume.

Side Loader garbage truck: This kind of garbage truck is commonly used in urban areas and schools for waste management. They can be outfitted with multiple garbage bins, and several bins can be placed at each garbage collection point.

Sealed dump garbage truck: This garbage trucks are extensively utilized for urban street waste management. They all come equipped with sealed dump functionality, and hydraulic operations, and are designed for easy disposal of garbage.