The Compactor Garbage Truck is specially designed for efficient and safe collection and transportation of solid waste to a solid waste treatment facility. The Compactor Garbage Container System is mounted based on brands of truck chassis and consists of a subframe connected by a U-bolt.

The Compactor Garbage Truck is comprised of essential components such as a sealed tank, ejection plate, sliding plate, scraper, hydraulic system, and electric control system. Waste material loaded into the truck’s body is initially crushed by the press plate, and then compressed by the ejection plate within the container. Finally, the compacted waste is discharged from the body through the pushing action of the ejection plate.

This Waste Compactor Truck is operated through various controls, including cab-in control, manual control, and push-button control. These controls enable the execution of sequential operation commands, facilitating an automatic cycle of work.


Compactor Garbage Truck

Compactor Garbage Truck Collection

Municipal, Community, Street

It’s well-suited for gathering and transporting solid waste within densely populated zones like schools, office districts, streets, parks, residential areas, etc., to specific waste treatment facilities. Its pivotal role in waste management cannot be overstated.

Waste Compactor Truck

Solid Waste Management

Environment Protection

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The Compactor Garbage Truck comprises a sealed garbage container, ejection plate, slide plate (guide rail), sweeper shovel, hopper, lifting device, sewage tank, hydraulic system, and control system.

Using a sweeper shovel activated by two double-acting hydraulic cylinders, loose garbage from the hopper is directed into the body. It’s then compacted by two double-acting sled cylinders. The refuse is eventually ejected from the body by the ejection plate.

Loading Sequence

Tailgate Drawing

standard features

Compactor Body Unit Only without Chassis

Refuse Compactor Tank

Garbage Compactor Body

Garbage Container Type

Waste Compactor Body

Curved or rectangular box


The body is built using a single sheet of hot-rolled, wear-resistant, high-grade steel. It boasts a thickness of 4mm for the bottom and 3mm for the sides, meeting standards equivalent to IS-2062 Grade A or ASTM A36.

Refuse Compactor Body

Tank Reinforcement

All reinforcements of the body are in the form of “U” shaped braces and full-seam welded on the body sheets, of thickness ST-52/4.0 mm.

Garbage Compactor Truck Ejector Panel

Ejection Panel

Compactor Truck Sludge Tank

Compactor Truck Safety Props

Safety Props

Garbage Compactor Truck Slide


Garbage Compactor Tailgate


Garbage Compactor Hydraulic System

Hydraulic System

Compactor Truck Hopper


Garbage Compactor Lifting device

Lifting Device

Compactor Truck Control

Control System

Compactor Body

Garbage Container

The garbage container’s capacity is determined by the chassis load capacity. It utilizes a hot-rolled steel sheet, measuring 5mm in thickness for the bottom and 4mm for the sides. All body reinforcements are in the form of “U” shaped braces, fully seam-welded onto the body sheets. Additionally, corrugation on the side sheets enhances structural strength.



  • Loading hopper capacity: Approximately 2 m³ for loose garbage with self-cleaning during discharge.
  • Highly abrasion-resistant 6mm steel used for durability.
  • The hardness of 450 HB for enduring sweeper and shovel.
  • Hopper floor thickness: 6 mm; Hopper sides thickness: 4 mm.

Operation & Control

  • The operation is fully automatic –PLC system. The operation is capable of continuous cycle, semi-automatic single cycle, and manually operated. The system is controlled from the PLC control box, which enables, start, stop, 1-
    cycle, continuous cycles, and rescue activities.
  • Tailgate and ejector controls are in front of the body. All devices for loading control are mounted on the tailgate right side, and all are manual control for safety purposes.
  • Compaction is controlled electrically via push-buttons, and manually in case. There is an emergency stop button on each of side the truck on the control panel.


  • The tank undergoes high-quality spray painting for both its exterior and interior.
  • This involves the application of two coats of superior anti-corrosive primer.
  • It is then followed by the application of two coats of enamel metal paint, sourced from a reputed brand

Collecting & Compacting

Garbage Collecting Process

  • The loose garbage inside the hopper is taken into the body via a sweeper shovel being actuated by two double-acting hydraulic cylinders, and then after being pushed into the body by two double-acting sled cylinders. The sled cylinders have min. 24 tones pushing force.
  • In two-way compression, the compaction ratio (volumetric) varies between 3:1 to 6:1 according to the characteristics of the garbage.

Sliding Rails

Garbage Truck Sliding Rails

  • They used steel profiles to guide the compacting system. The compacting panel slides up and down over these rails thanks to a set of wear blocks in four points.


  • Hydraulic locking using the reverse action of two hydraulic tailgate lifting cylinders, also prevents the leakage of wastewater when the truck bounces due to road conditions.


Garbage Compactor Truck Slide

  • The ejector panel glides on a standard steel profile, centered using
    friction-resist bases. The ejector panel slides forward and rear over these rails thanks to a set of wear plates in four points.

Sludge Tank

  • Sewage water relieved of sludge tank of capacity under tailgate with leak proof discharging outlet.


Garbage Lifting Process

  • The tailgate raise is achieved by two double acting hydraulic cylinders, which must be equipped with safety devices to prevent the tailgate from falling abruptly in the event of hydraulic failure or hose burst.

Container Lifting Device

Compactor Truck Lifting

  • Optional lifting device of bin tipper, shovel loader, skip loader, on-ground spacious lifter.
  • Bin lifer is available to lift standard 120/240/770 and 1100 litre. steel and plastic containers. Lifting weight capacity not less than 800 kg (All lifting device arms and parts are made of High Strength Steel).

Ejection Panel

Compactor Truck Ejector Panel

  • There is automatic hydraulic system to allow the panel to forward as garbage is packed against it.

Hydraulic System

  • HydraulicValves: It is the core component of the control system, and all hydraulic cylinder actions are regulated through this valve group. The multi-way reversing valve has fine workmanship and small size. The valve stem is made of 40Gr material, which has high precision and wear resistance.
  • Hydraulic Cylinders: 9 units of hydraulic cylinders; and telescopic cylinder with 2 extensions. All the hydraulic cylinders are double-acting cylinders, and cylinders are ground and coated against corrosion. The dimensions of cylinders are designed to accomplish the stipulated cycle times and compaction ratio.

Optional features

Garbage Truck Optional

Components & Accessories

PTO, controlled inside the cab, original P.T.O of the truck.

Industrial Sewage Suction Truck (17)
Hydraulic Oil Pump, drive hydraulic oil for cylinder working

Multi-stage cylinder for push function: 1pcs
Cylinder for compaction function: 2pcs
Cylinder for slide function: 2pcs
Cylinder for bin lifters: 2pcs
Cylinder for tailgate lifting: 2pcs

Hydraulic valve manual control + Rear push button control + In-cab CAN bus control

Refuse thrown into the body is crushed by the press plate and then compressed and compacted by the ejection plate inside the body. The refuse is discharged from the body by the pushing of the ejection plate.

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Available Garbage Compactor Truck Models

DFAC Electric Garbage Compact TruckElectricDONGFENG - KR18 Ton
12 CBM
DFAC Garbage Waste Compactor Truck120 hpDONGFENG - DFAC12 Ton
DFAC Municipal Advanced Disposal Truck170 hpDONGFENG - KR16 Ton
12 CBM
DFAC Rear Loader Waste Compactor Truck260 hpDONGFENG - KR18 Ton
15 CBM
DFAC Refuse Compactor Vehicle Truck129 hpDONGFENG - DFAC8 Ton
FAW 18CBM Solid Waste Disposal Truck340 hpFAW20 Ton
18 CBM
FOTON Multi-control Garbage Compactor Truck130 hpFOTON8 Ton6 CBM
Garbage Compacter Truck Without Bin Lifting Facility140 hpDONGFENG - DFAC16 Ton8 CBM
HOWO Garbage Trash Compactor Truck112 hpSINOTRUK - HOWO8 Ton6 CBM
HOWO Truck Mounted Solid Waste Compactor Truck1166 hpSINOTRUK- HOWO T5G10 Ton8 CBM
ISUZU 6 Wheelers Trash Garbage Compactor Truck205 hpISUZU - FTR16 Ton12 CBM
ISUZU 600P Garbage Compactor Truck96 hpISUZU - 600P7 Ton7 CBM
ISUZU 600P Garbage Truck with Compactor119 hpISUZU - 600P7 Ton6 CBM
ISUZU FVR Garbage Truck Trash Compactor205 hpISUZU - FVR16 Ton12 CBM
ISUZU GIGA 6×4 Garbage Compression Truck205 hpISUZU - GIGA34 Ton20 CBM
ISUZU High Pressure Hydraulic Garbage Compactor Truck189 hpISUZU - 700P10 Ton8 CBM
ISUZU Kitchen Waste Refuse Truck130 hpISUZU - 600P7 Ton5 CBM
ISUZU New Energy Electric Trash TruckElectricISUZU - 100P7 Ton5 CBM
ISUZU Trash Waste Compactor Truck119 hpISUZU - 600P8 Ton6 CBM
Kitchen Food Garbage Collection Truck
Mini Bin Lifter Garbage Compact Truck95 hpSINOTRUK5 Ton
Municipal Refuse Waste Compactor Truck200 hpSINOTRUK - HOWO18 Ton
14 CBM
SHACMAN 14CBM Waste Compactor Truck210 hpSHACMAN - L300018 Ton
14 CBM
SINOTRUK Municipal Standard Garbage Compactor Truck400 hpSINOTRUK - HOWO25 Ton
18 CBM
SINOTRUK Sitrak Garbage Compactor Disposal Truck350 hpSINOTRUK - SITRAK31 Ton25 CBM
Dongfeng Natural Gas Waste Compactor Truck120 hpDongfeng - Classic7 Ton5 CBM
FAW 6T Small Trash PACK Truck110 hpFAW - TIGER VR6 Ton5 CBM
SINOTRUK 5CBM Refuse Compactor Truck120 hpSINOTRUK - HOWO8 Ton5 CBM
SHACMAN Garbage Compactor Vehicle290 hpSHACMAN25 Ton20 CBM
FAW 20CBM Waste Compactor Truck320 hpFAW25 Ton20 CBM
DONGFENG 20CBM Garbage Compactor Truck315 hpDONGFENG - KL25 Ton20 CBM
SINOTRUK Municipal Refuse Compactor Truck371 hpSINOTRUK - HOWO25 Ton20 CBM hpFOTON - AUMAN25 Ton18 CBM
SHACMAN 18CBM Waste Compactor Truck270 hpSHACMAN - M300025 Ton18 CBM
ISUZU Forward Garbage Compactor Vehicle/a>300 hpISUZU - FVZ25 Ton18 CBM
DONGFENG 16CBM Garbage Compressor Vehicle245 hpDONGFENG - KL25 Ton16 CBM
ISUZU F-Series Waste Compactor Truck300 hpISUZU - FVZ25 Ton16 CBM
SINOTRUK 16CBM Trash Compactor Truck371 hpSINOTRUK - HOHAN25 Ton16 CBM
FOTON 16CBM Refuse Compactor Truck240 hpFOTON - AUMAN25 Ton16 CBM
FAW 14CBM Garbage Compactor Vehicle220 hpFAW18 Ton14 CBM
SINOTRUK 12CBM Garbage Compactor Lorry220 hpSINOTRUK - HOWO16 Ton12 CBM
ISUZU 10CBM Garbage Compressor Vehicle205 hpISUZU - FTR16 Ton10 CBM
FOTON 10CBM Garbage Compactor Vehicle190 hpFOTON - ROWOR12 Ton10 CBM
FAW 10CBM Compactor Garbage Truck170 hpFAW16 Ton10 CBM
DONGFENG 16CBM Garbage Compressor Vehicle170 hpDONGFENG - KR12 Ton10 CBM
SINOTRUK 10CBM Waste Compactor Truck160 hpSINOTRUK - HOWO12 Ton10 CBM
FAW Garbage Removal Compactor Truck220 hpFAW - J6P16 Ton12 CBM
FOTON 14CBM Garbage Compressor Vehicle240 hpFOTON - AUMAN18 Ton14 CBM
FOTON 8cbm Garbage Compactor LorryLNGFOTON - AUMARK12 Ton8 CBM

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About Compactor Garbage Truck

The compactor garbage truck consists of a sealed garbage compartment, a hydraulic system, and an operating system. The whole vehicle is a fully sealed type, and the sewage in the process of self-compression, self-dumping, and compression all enter the sewage tank, which completely solves the problem of secondary pollution in the process of garbage transportation. It has the advantages of good performance, convenient operation, and safety. Optional rear hanging bucket overturning mechanism or garbage bucket overturning mechanism.

Outstanding Features of Compactor Garbage Truck Garbage Truck vs Other Garbage Trucks:
1. The garbage collection method is simple: change the dirty old appearance of garbage cans on the streets of the city, and prevent secondary pollution.
2. High compression ratio and large loading capacity: the maximum crushing pressure is 12 tons, and the loading capacity is equivalent to two and a half times that of the same ton of uncompressed waste.
3. Operation automation: The imported computer control system is adopted, and one driver is required to operate all the loading and unloading operations, which not only reduces the labor intensity of sanitation workers but also greatly improves the working environment.
4. Good economy: When the special equipment is working, the computer control system automatically controls the throttle.
5. Double insurance system: The operating system has dual functions of computer control and manual operation, which greatly guarantees and improves the utilization rate of the vehicle.
6. Turning mechanism: optional turning mechanism with garbage can (or bucket).

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