General FAQs

The starting point for any crane choice is, of course, your fundamental needs. Transporting business and contracts is tough, demanding work, and configuring the truck or trailers according to your unique circumstances will help you deliver efficiently and accurately.

The type based on your truck or trailer choice:

●Material transporting

●Capacity choices

●Loading distribution

●Specific features required

●Body style ( reference photo send to check)

●Asphalt pavement

●Concrete paving

●Mud road

●Mountain area

●Smooth road

●Deserts region


The updated emission standard in china is Euro VI much more powerful in ps, and environmentally friendly.

●Euro VI (Heavy-duty vehicle superpower above 500ps, Request Qualitied diesel, Adblue)

●Euro V (Request Qualitied diesel, Adblue)

●Euro IV(Request Qualitied diesel, Adblue)

●Euro III

Order FAQs

  1. Tell us the trucks you are interested in
  2. You can use our live chat tool or send an inquiry(mails) to one of our professional sales, which lists the requirements of your name and company name, it is important to tell us which countries the truck will be delivered to.
  3. You can get your instant personalized truck quote.

We Will Have A Chat

We’d be pleased to have a chat with you about your fleet requirements. If you’ve used our online chat tool, we’ll contact you to discuss your options. Alternatively, we can have a call. Our truck specialists will advise you on your oil delivery options and the location of your fleets. We like things to be fuss-free for you, so we’ll sort out the rest.

How you will use the trucks? If you do not have your own truck chassis, then choose our versatile Model, which can mount up to different special trucks simultaneously. Choose suitable options to fit your specific needs. CSCTRUCK also works with our customers to design different solutions to solve specific business requirements.

We offer chassis trucks on a variety of Chinese brands including ISUZU, HINO, UD, HYUNDAI, JAC, SINOTRUK, SHACMAN, BEIBEN, and DONGFENG, available on any commercial chassis.

Other FAQs

You will be requested to sign a “Sales Contract” which lists all the discussed details and requirements with us after you back from China, you will feel confident with your solution. And after the pre-payment has been sent to us, the truck now is on the way close to you.

We will gradually send you the drawing to confirm and take pictures or videos since the truck is placed on the production line.

You will be informed to prepare to get the newborn truck before 7-10 days to arrange the balance payment then we will deliver it to China port for loading on a bulk or RORO shipment in terms of FOB, moreover, you will be informed to prepare your newborn custom clearance works in terms of CIF after the shipping order.

The new tank truck will be covering the 1-year-warranty for manufactured mature tech, and nice workmanship.