Intruoduction of ISUZU Garbage Truck Chassis

Intruoduction of ISUZU Garbage Truck Chassis

Today, I will introduce a new ISUZU KV100 kitchen food garbage truck. First of all, I will introduce this ISUZU KV100 special vehicle chassis.

ISUZU KV100 Special Vehicle Chassis

Intruoduction of ISUZU Garbage Truck Chassis

The chassis quality of ISUZU garbage trucks is quite reliable and has accumulated a lot of good user reputation.

However, most of the traditional 100P and 600P models are equipped with oil brakes as standard. Even though the time has come to 2022, his cab is still in the style of the 1970s and 1980s, which is also criticized by users. In addition, the price is relatively high, so the market share is not too high relative to the DONGFENG and other brands that take volume, and it has always been a high place.

ISUZU Garbage Truck Chassis

This new ISUZU KV100 chassis has made certain improvements in many aspects. Let’s take a look.


In terms of appearance, it has a certain degree of similarity with the ISUZU 600P. The square overall shape and rounded corners have made this cab style popular in recent years. DONGFENG Dolica, Hyundai Shengtu, FOTON Kangrui, Universiade Opuli, etc. are all of this style.

ISUZU Garbage Truck Chassis Appearance

Cab Aspect:

Opening the door, the first thing that catches the eye is the hand-cranked glass that has not changed for thousands of years. Nowadays, electric glass is standard for most trucks, and the cost is not high. ISUZU insists on using hand-cranked glass, which can only be understood from the point of view that the simpler and more stable it is, the mechanical one is definitely more stable than the electric one.

ISUZU Garbage Truck Chassis CAB

The width of the cab is still good, but the style of the center console is still more traditional. There is no high-tech electronic equipment or bright and luxurious decoration, only Tang Su as always. The entertainment system is just a radio. Fortunately, the radio has a USB interface, which can be temporarily charged or an external U disk to listen to songs.

ISUZU Garbage Truck Chassis Dashboard

There’s space reserved next to the radio for things like a cell phone, and there’s a glove box on the right. The inner and lower sides of the door we saw earlier also have storage slots, which can put some documents. In fact, these small storage spaces of the KV100 are quite good.

ISUZU Garbage Truck Chassis Spaces

There is also a storage box on the top of the sun visor above the front of the main driver. Users can put their belongings in each space by category, which can improve the cleanliness of the cabin of such a small car with a small space.

ISUZU Garbage Truck Chassis storage box

There is also a storage compartment behind the seat, is it surprising? This storage box can hold some vehicle tools and the like. This is a more humanized design.


This ISUZU KV100 chassis uses a 5-speed gearbox. It should be pointed out that the introduction of the air brake has to be said to be a big improvement for ISUZU.

You must know that for decades, the mainstream models of ISUZU have basically come standard with oil brakes. For various special vehicles such as kitchen garbage trucks, the difficulty of oil brake modification has increased a lot. Because the main power source of special-purpose vehicles is the hydraulic system, the mainstream of the multi-way valves controlling the hydraulic system is pneumatic.

The refit factory needs to increase the air circuit, which will greatly change the chassis and have a certain impact on the stability of the vehicle. The optional air-stop brake not only improves the safety of the brake and the stability of the braking system under heavy load but also is much more convenient and more stable for special vehicles such as the chassis-modified kitchen food garbage truck.

ISUZU Garbage Truck Chassis Rear Wheel

It should be pointed out that there is another big change hidden under the seemingly rough and low-end cab style, that is, this large-screen LCD instrument panel.

ISUZU Garbage Truck Chassis Style

Earlier versions of KV100, such as ordinary trucks, still used traditional mechanical instrument panels, but the chassis of this National Sixth kitchen garbage truck uses a large-screen LCD instrument panel.

When the power is turned on, the “ISUZU” logo flashes first, and then the self-test starts. The faults during the self-test will be automatically displayed with text and images.

ISUZU KV100 Chassis Dashboard

As can be seen in the figure, the LCD instrument panel can intuitively display the system time, fuel volume, air pressure, temperature, speed, mileage, etc., which greatly facilitates the driver’s understanding of the vehicle information and facilitates timely response to various vehicle conditions. It improves safety and stability, and also increases the driver’s confidence in the control of the vehicle.

The ISUZU KV100 kitchen garbage truck is equipped with an engine model 4KH1CN6LB, produced by Isuzu (Chongqing) Engine Co., Ltd., with a displacement of 2999ML and a rated power of 88KW (120 hp), and a high-power version of 97KW (132 hp) is also available.


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