The Differences between Side Loader Garbage Truck and Rear Loader Garbage Truck

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Compactor garbage trucks are widely used in the collection and transfer of domestic garbage. Because it has the advantage of being compressible, the transfer efficiency is higher, and it has a high share in garbage trucks. With the gradual deepening of garbage classification, the compactor garbage truck collects, compresses, and transfers the garbage into the sorted trash can, which is a relatively efficient processing process.

The often-mentioned compactor garbage trucks often as refer to as rear loader garbage trucks. In fact, the side loader garbage truck is also an important branch of the compactor garbage truck.

Side Loader Garbage Truck Sample

Side loader compactor garbage trucks and rear loader compactor garbage trucks both collect garbage into the compartment and compress it for transfer.

As the name suggests, the most obvious difference between a side loader garbage truck and a rear loader garbage truck is the loading method, one is loaded from the side and the other is loaded from the rear.

Compared with the rear loading compactor garbage truck, the side loader compactor garbage truck has a relatively simple structure, low failure rate, more affordable construction cost, easy maintenance, and lower operating costs. The compression capacity is similar to the rear loader compactor garbage truck. After optimization, it even catches up with the rear loader compactor garbage truck, so it is also very popular with users.

Side Loader Garbage Truck Body

The disadvantage of side-loader compactor garbage trucks is that they can only hang buckets. The hoist can be used with various trash cans of different specifications, such as 120, 240L plastic buckets, round iron buckets, 660L standard buckets, etc., but it can only be loaded in hanging buckets.

Another disadvantage is that the height of the space required by the hanging bucket elevator to lift and dump the trash can is high, which has certain limitations for indoor operations, especially when transferring garbage in the basement.

The side-loader compactor garbage truck is improved on the basis of the hanging bucket garbage truck (self-loader and unloading garbage truck). Compared with the hanging bucket garbage truck, it mainly improves the box structure and improves the sealing and locking of the rear door. In this way, a built-in compression dozer is added, and a sewage tank is installed.

Rear Loader Garbage Truck Running Details

Rear Loader Garbage Truck Sewage Tanker

In this way, the box body can withstand greater pressure, the compression blade can compress the domestic garbage loaded by the hanging bucket elevator, the compression blade can be equipped with full stroke and half stroke, and the unloading method can be selected as self-dumping dumping. Or push the shovel to push and unload. The sewage tank can collect the sewage in the compressed domestic waste to avoid dripping.

Side Loader Garbage Truck Selected

Optionally equipped with electronic control operation, the operation is simpler and the labor intensity is lower. You can also choose not to install the built-in compression dozer, and the configuration is up to you.

Rear Loader Garbage Truck Sales

When the rear-loader compactor garbage truck is loading garbage, the lifting mechanism will load the garbage into the rear hopper. The scraper and the sliding plate cooperate to press the garbage in the rear bucket into the compression box, and the compression push plate in the box compresses in both directions, and the compression efficiency is high. The whole operation process is controlled by PLC programmable electronic control, which can be cycled by one key, and the operation is simple. However, the structure is more complicated and the cost is higher than that of the side-loader compactor garbage truck.

Garbage lifting mechanism can choose hanging bucket type (national standard 120, 240L plastic bucket, round iron bucket, 660L standard bucket, etc.), triangle bucket type, triangle bucket belt hanging bucket type, large floor bucket type, swing arm type, etc. It can be used with different grass-roots collection methods such as trash cans, garbage cans, and human tricycles, and has a wider range of applications.

Rear Loader Garbage Truck Back Details

Rear Loader Garbage Truck Trash can hanging device

The installation position of the hanging bucket elevator of the rear-loader compactor garbage truck is low, and the maximum height of the bucket after the hanging bucket is turned over does not exceed the height of the vehicle, so in the indoor or basement with limited operating space, the rear-loader garbage truck can play a role. out of this space advantage.

Rear Loader Garbage Truck Installation position of hanging bucket elevator


Rear Loader Garbage Truck hanging bucket elevator

Triangular bucket loading can dump garbage in trash cans, rickshaws, and small collection vehicles into the triangular bucket for loading.

Rear Loader Garbage Truck Triangular bucket loading

The large floor bucket becomes the sealing cover of the rear filler of the rear loader compactor garbage truck during the transfer process after being turned up.

The swing arm mechanism is used in conjunction with the swing arm garbage bin, and a bucket hanging mechanism can also be installed at the same time.

The above are the similarities and differences between side loader compactor garbage trucks and rear loader compactor garbage trucks and their respective advantages. Users can choose according to their actual use environment.

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