Easy to Use Garbage Truck Mounted Crane

Easy to Use Self Tipping Garbage Truck Head

The disposal of household waste is closely related to everyone. Poor disposal of garbage affects environmental hygiene and people’s quality of life. The collection and transfer of domestic garbage are mainly handled by sanitation workers using various tools, mainly various garbage trucks.

Easy to Use Garbage Truck Mounted

Usually, our common garbage trucks mainly include sealed garbage trucks, hanging bucket garbage trucks, hook loader garbage trucks, compactor garbage trucks, etc. In fact, the development of garbage trucks is also subject to the policy environment and economic level. For example, since the promotion of garbage classification, the sales of garbage trucks used with sortable trash cans have increased significantly.

In recent years, with the development of the economy and the increasing investment in sanitation by departments at all levels, some garbage trucks that may have been rare in the past have gradually become popular. Today, I will introduce to you a “swinging bucket garbage truck”, also called a hoisting garbage truck, which is a kind of self-loading and unloading garbage truck.

What are the advantages of self tipping garbage truck mounted?

At present, there are not many places where such garbage trucks are used, but the relative visibility in economically developed countries and regions is higher, mainly because the price is relatively high. The main structure is a truck-mounted crane plus a garbage can with a built-in compression mechanism.

The compression mechanism in the box generally adopts the M-type pusher, which is peristaltic compression and has a high compression rate. Similar to the compression principle of the mobile garbage compression station used with the hook arm garbage truck, it can achieve a larger compression ratio and loading capacity.

Due to the limited length of the pusher cylinder of the peristaltic compression, it is generally not necessary to push and unload the material. The cargo box has its own self-unloading and lifting function. , the push head can play an auxiliary role when unloading.

Easy to Use Self Tipping Garbage Truck

This bucket-type garbage truck is equipped with a truck-mounted crane and a garbage can and needs to be used with a special buried garbage can. The trash can has a large volume and can be fully or partially buried, each with its own advantages.

It is more convenient to dispose of the garbage if it is fully buried. In summer, the temperature in the barrel is low, and the garbage is relatively resistant to decay and odor; in winter, the temperature is higher than the surface temperature, and it is not easy to freeze. It is safer and more beautiful to be half-buried.

Easy to Use Self Tipping Garbage Truck Fully Buried Barrel

The trash can is composed of a barrel body and a barrel sleeve. The barrel sleeve is buried in the ground, with a top cover, sealed and impermeable. It is made of high-density polyethylene material and has the characteristics of fire resistance and corrosion resistance, which can effectively prevent the pollution of garbage to the surrounding environment. When throwing garbage, lightly step on the pedal, the small aggregate opening will be opened, and the garbage can be thrown in.

Easy to Use Self Tipping Garbage Truck Trash Barrel

When transferring, open the top cover of the outer barrel, the crane on the truck lifts the inner barrel to the collecting port above the box on the truck and then controls the bottom of the barrel to automatically open, and the garbage falls into the box. The compression pusher in the box starts to work, pushing and compressing the garbage backward.

In addition, to handle operation, the whole process is equipped with standard electric control button operation, PLC automatic control compression, and optional wireless remote control operation according to needs.

Easy to Use Self Tipping Garbage Truck Working

The hanging bucket garbage truck is mainly used with hanging buckets. Users who need it can also choose a side hanging bucket lifting mechanism to match the original 240L standard garbage can. Adaptable. The high-pressure cleaning function and sewage suction function can also be selected according to the needs.

Hoisting garbage truck (bucket-type garbage truck) adopts a rotary integrated crane, which can realize 360° continuous rotation, and can hoist the buried buckets on the left and right sides of the vehicle body, with strong adaptability. The multi-section folding arm has a large working radius, which can enable the vehicle to continuously lift six to eight buried trash cans at the same position, avoiding the time delay of moving the vehicle back and forth, and improving the work efficiency.

The volume of the trash can is 3/5 cubic meters, and one hoisting is equivalent to 13/21 240L trash cans, with high processing efficiency. The volume of the carriage is large, the volume of the single-axle vehicle can reach about 12 cubic meters, and the volume of the rear double-axle is more than 20 cubic meters. Coupled with a compression rate of more than 2.5 times, the amount of waste transferred in a single transfer is very large.

Easy to Use Self Tipping Garbage Truck Big Trash Can

Buried trash cans can be buried in 3-4 buckets per site according to the local requirements for garbage classification, and the barrels or upper covers are sprayed with different colors for easy distinction. The bucket-type self tipping garbage truck transfers a certain color of garbage every time to achieve the purpose of classification and collection.

Compared with the conventional front loader garbage trucks and compactor garbage trucks, the hanging bucket self tipping garbage trucks have larger trash cans, larger garbage bins, higher compression ratios, and higher collection and transfer efficiency.

Easy to Use Self Tipping Garbage Truck Head

The only disadvantage of hanging self tipping garbage trucks is that they are relatively expensive. After all, a car is equivalent to a truck-mounted crane + a mobile garbage compression station with a lifting and dumping function.

But the technical improvement of any equipment to improve efficiency will definitely come at a price. Areas that have the conditions to improve the level and efficiency of garbage collection and treatment can learn about this bucket type self tipping garbage truck.


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