Hook Loader and Rear Loader Combined Garbage Truck

Hook Loader and Rear Loader Combined Garbage Truck Working

Hook-arm loader garbage trucks and compactor garbage trucks are both types of garbage trucks used to transfer garbage from grass-roots communities. However, because of the different garbage collection methods adopted by different units in different places in different periods, for example, the earliest garbage pool was developed into a swing-arm garbage hopper.

Trash cans and hook-arm type bins have been adopted until recent years. The hook-arm type garbage truck can be used with multiple garbage bins in one vehicle, with low procurement cost, the long service life of the metal material of the box, large volume, and high transfer efficiency. In recent years, it has been favored by grass-roots sanitation departments.

However, with the deepening of garbage classification in recent years, conventional trash cans have certain advantages in classification. Although the hook-arm garbage truck can also be transformed to achieve the effect of garbage classification, after all, the transformation cost is relatively high.

The picture below is a hook-arm type garbage compartment suitable for garbage sorting and disposal, and a new hook-arm type garbage compartment can also be designed according to the user’s requirements for garbage sorting and collection.

Combined Garbage Container

In order to save the user’s vehicle purchase cost and comply with the compatibility requirements of the replacement of garbage collection methods, we have designed a hook-arm garbage truck with a rear-loading compression garbage truck. The crossover model has the functions of a hook loader garbage truck and compression garbage truck at the same time, which can also be said to be a hybrid model that complements each other.

Hook Loader and Rear Loader Combined Garbage Truck

DONGFENG D6 hook loader garbage truck with 6 square meters rear loader compactor garbage truck can meet the transfer needs of community trash cans and hook-arm boxes at the same time, which can bring more benefits.

Hook Loader Rear Loader Combined Garbage Truck

One truck can be used for multiple purposes, and two trucks can be combined into one, saving costs and improving efficiency.

The top of the hook arm adopts a reinforced telescopic sleeve arm, the oil cylinder is thickened, and there is a hydraulic outrigger at the tail; the top of the compactor truck is made of high-strength manganese steel, which can hold 15 cubic meters of bulk domestic waste. The tail can be equipped with fully sealed bucket or hanging bucket device, optional remote control and rear view.

Hook Loader and Rear Loader Combined Garbage Truck Working

The hook arm is connected to the compactor body quick connector, which is easy to use and powerful! When the garbage cans are collected, the hook loader garbage truck hooks the compactor garbage truck and connects with the quick hydraulic connector to work. When it is necessary to transfer the garbage in the hook-arm garbage truck, put down the compression-type garbage truck, and it can be used as an ordinary hook-arm garbage truck.

If you need to use the compactor garbage truck alone, you can also choose a hydraulic power unit. The compression garbage truck can be placed on a platform with a suitable height to be used as a mobile garbage compression station alone.

Rear Loader Compactor Combined Garbage Truck

The needs of production and life are the driving force behind the development of technology. The same is true of garbage trucks and other garbage collection and treatment equipment. The development direction is always based on the needs of users. Cleaner and better. Interested friends welcome to leave a message to exchange!

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