Six Development Trends of Compactor Garbage Trucks

Compactor Garbage Truck working environment

In recent decades, compactor garbage trucks have been widely used in the urban sanitation industry. This special sanitation vehicle has become the main equipment for an urban garbage removal.

Compactor Garbage Truck

The early compactor garbage trucks were ugly in appearance, simple in function, high in consumption, and low in efficiency, and the image of the foul smell made passersby pass by in a hurry.

Driven by the continuous growth of market demand, the technical level of compressed garbage trucks is also constantly advancing, and its technical development shows a certain directional trend.


Trend 1: Attractive Fashionable Appearance

Compactor garbage trucks are used to fill garbage. It is not very concerned about whether their appearance is good or not. As long as the garbage can be collected and transported, it will give people a rough and ugly impression. This is in the past.

With the development of society and the improvement of the level of science and technology, people’s aesthetic requirements are getting higher and higher. Various manufacturers have introduced the concept of industrial design, and have carried out the design of the whole vehicle from the beginning of the design, making the shape of the compression garbage truck more and more. beautiful.

From the square carriage in the early stage, the round carriage in the middle stage, to the mainstream streamlined design, the top and the chassis form a round and plump streamlined whole, which makes people look pleasant and beautiful.

Compactor Garbage Truck Tend 1

As shown in Picture 1-Picture 2-Picture 3-Picture 4, the modeling development process of compressed garbage trucks in different periods is shown.


Trend 2: Good Environmental Performance

Compactor garbage trucks in modern cities will develop from only meeting the needs of basic operation functions to meeting the needs of environmental protection operation functions.

Through technological innovation, product improvement, functional improvement, and other means, improve the performance of compactor garbage trucks during operation, such as controlling sewage overflow, odor drifting, noise disturbance, etc., to achieve the environmental protection performance of compactor garbage trucks.

Sewage Overflow

On the one hand, a special horseshoe-shaped sealing strip is used between the filler and the carriage; on the other hand, the volume of the sewage tank and the sewage tank is increased to accommodate all the sewage;

On the other hand, at each sewage discharge point, the diversion and double-layer introduction technology are used to smoothly introduce the sewage into the sewage tank and sewage tank.

Compactor Garbage Truck Sewage Overflow

Odor Wafts Out

On the one hand, it is necessary to abandon the previous unsealed structure of the bodywork and adopt the completely sealed design of the carriage and the filler.

When loading garbage, open the sealing cover for filling, and close the sealing cover quickly after the garbage is loaded, and it must be controlled by linkage to ensure that the odor is sealed inside the compartment in time and does not float out;

On the other hand, it is necessary to carry out the spray deodorization operation at the loading port. When the garbage is loaded into the carriage, the spray deodorization and disinfection operation must be carried out at the same time, so as to ensure that no odor will be generated at the moment of the garbage loading operation.

Compactor Garbage Truck prevent from odor wafts out

Noise Control

On the one hand, it is the engine noise of the operation. Through the optimized matching design of the hydraulic system and the operation speed, the fastest operation can be realized at the lowest engine working speed. The lower the engine’s working speed, the lower the noise.

At present, some manufacturers have realized the engine idling operation, which is a technological breakthrough;

On the other hand, it is the working noise of the working mechanism. By improving the production accuracy and using the buffering technology at the moment of high-speed commutation to realize flexible operation instead of a rigid operation, it is beneficial to reduce the working noise.

The above three aspects are the key to the environmental protection operation of compressed garbage trucks, and they are also the focus of the city management departments.


Trend 3: High efficiency and energy saving

High efficiency and energy saving are mainly reflected in two aspects, one is the garbage collection and filling process, and the other is the garbage transfer process:

Garbage Collection Process:

1. At present, the operation cycle time of the mainstream compression garbage truck is within 20 seconds, and some manufacturers have reached about 12 seconds, and the efficiency has been improved by 40%.

2. Through the optimization and matching of the hydraulic system, the effective power is improved, and the efficient loading is realized at a lower working speed of the engine. Through the test, the loading fuel consumption before and after the optimization of the hydraulic system matching is 1.5 liters/ton, down to 1.15 liters/ton, saving energy 23 %, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.

Compactor Garbage Truck Garbage Collection Process

Waste Transfer Process:

1. The efficiency of the waste transfer process is mainly reflected in the single waste transfer volume. There are various technical solutions to solve this problem:

2. The structure layout is optimized, so that the angle of the filling mechanism of the filler is reduced, the horizontal component of the compressed garbage is increased, the garbage filling capacity is improved, and the garbage loading capacity is increased;

3. The hydraulic system is optimized, using the hydraulic cylinder to push up the compression and increase the pressure, correspondingly increasing the compression force and increasing the loading capacity of the load;

4. The electrical control strategy is optimized, and the number of compression cycles is increased to increase the loading of garbage;

5. Lightweight design of the whole vehicle, including the application of high-strength materials to reduce self-weight, the use of finite element analysis method for structural design optimization, and the reduction of materials to reduce self-weight while meeting the requirements of working conditions. After the lightweight design, the self-weight is reduced, and the loading is increased accordingly. quantity.


Trend 4: Humanization

The humanization of the compactor garbage truck reflects the people-oriented concept of modern civilized society, which is reflected in the working environment and the surrounding environment.

In terms of the working environment, the compression garbage truck improves the degree of automation, reduces the work intensity of the operators, and improves the comfort of the driving operation, so that the sanitation driving and the working environment of the operators are improved and improved.

Compactor Garbage Truck working environment

In terms of the surrounding environment of the operation, through the improvement of the vehicle shape and performance, the extensive and foul-smelling operation image is changed, the visual pollution is eliminated or reduced, and the impact on the surrounding environment and personnel during operation is avoided or reduced, so that the compressed garbage truck is compatible with the operating environment. coordination.


Trend 5: Digital Intelligence

The technological transformation and innovation of compressed garbage trucks with the concept of digital equipment is the development trend of compressed garbage trucks.

The digitally equipped compactor garbage truck has the functions of running status tracking, operation quality monitoring, running condition analysis, fault detection, and diagnosis, information collection and transmission, etc. It improves the operational efficiency and quality of sanitation operations, strengthens scientific decision-making and supervision, and provides advanced, Reliable technical support.

Digital intelligence is a new trend in the development of compression garbage truck technology, and digital intelligent management on compression garbage trucks is an inevitable result of the development of science and technology of the times.

For example, some current garbage trucks can monitor the operating conditions, operation status, information collection, and transmission of compactor garbage trucks operating outside in real-time through mobile phones, and realize the effect of “mobile phone in hand, control operation”


Trend 6: New energy

With the deepening of environmental pollution control in the world, the emission requirements for vehicles are also getting higher and higher. At this stage, the national 5 emission requirements have been fully achieved, and the national 6 emission stage will soon be carried out;

At the same time, governments around the world continue to increase policy support for new energy (clean energy), and more developed cities have begun to introduce policies to restrict the purchase and licensing of fuel vehicles.

Electric Compactor Garbage Truck

The compactor garbage truck will also fully use new energy as the power source. The traditional fuel compactor garbage truck is powered by the gearbox of the chassis, and the technology is mature and stable.

For example, if a pure electric chassis is used for the modification of a compressed garbage truck, the traditional gearbox is used to take power, the motor is used to directly drive the hydraulic pump, or other methods are used to achieve the optimal combination of the bodywork and the chassis to achieve high efficiency and energy saving. , is the subject of designers of various manufacturers.

The world’s special-purpose vehicle manufacturers are also stepping up the research and development of related natural gas shrinkable garbage trucks and pure electric compressed garbage trucks. Compressed garbage trucks will also usher in great development in new energy technology.


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