CSCTRUCK Municipal Detailing Sanitation Vehicles for Different Functions

Green Sprinkler Truck

As a modern city, road cleanliness is one of the essential conditions. Keeping the humidity in the city suitable, and not blowing sand and ash are also additional conditions. Therefore, most urban municipal sanitation vehicles in cities are equipped with dust brushes, vacuum cleaners, etc.


Road Cleaning Beautician – Sprinkler Jetting Truck

The sprinkler, jetting truck, as the name suggests, is responsible for sprinkling water, but in practical applications, only sprinkling one can only be a bit wasteful for the sprinkler, so in the continuous improvement, there are sprinklers with various additional functions, of course. The most primitive sprinkler still has its use value and scene.

In the city, there are roads that need to be cleaned, the green belts beside the roads also need to be sprayed, and some street lights will have flower pots that also need to be sprayed and watered, so in order to adapt to various scenarios, sprinklers with different functions emerge as the times require.

Water trucks, also known as water tank trucks, can hold hot water, cold water, drinking water, etc., and allow users to remodel vehicles according to actual requirements. It can also be used as a transport vehicle, as a green spray, for road cleaning, etc., and can be used as a fire sprinkler when necessary.

Sprinkler Jetting Truck

Greening sprinkler, also known as landscaping sprinkler, is specially designed for watering and spraying gardens and urban greening. Of course, it can also be used for factory dust removal, road cleaning, etc.

Green Sprinkler Truck

The truck-mounted sprinkler is a kind of multi-functional vehicle with a boom that can perform high-altitude operations. It can also sprinkle water to transport goods, and can also perform high-altitude operations and self-loading and self-unloading. It is especially used in gardens, warehouses, docks, ships, and railways. And other industries, because of the particularity of its high-altitude operation, the truck-mounted sprinkler requires the operator to receive sufficient training to be competent.

truck-mounted sprinkler

As the name suggests, a fire sprinkler is a kind of dual-use vehicle between a sprinkler and a fire truck. Although it has a fire protection function, it is generally only used for small-scale and close-range firefighting work.

fire sprinkler Truck

A variety of sprinkler trucks work in different positions, shoulder different functions while sprinkling water, and make contributions to urban greening and cleaning. Like sanitation workers, they are beauticians of urban cleaning and beautification.


The Terminator of Garbage Storage – Sewage Suction Trucks, Manure Suction Trucks, Garbage Trucks

Sewage suction trucks and manure suction trucks are very similar sanitation vehicles. Although their functions are different, their working principles are exactly the same. The former is mainly used to clean and clean urban sewers and pipes and collect the sludge in them. It also undertakes the task of loading and unloading to avoid secondary pollution of sludge and sewage. It can also be used for simple fire fighting tasks in emergency situations.

The latter is mainly used in septic tanks, sewage ditches, sewers, and other scenarios to suck feces, sewage sludge, etc., and together with sprinklers and garbage trucks.

Manure Suction Truck

Due to the harsh working environment and the hard work of the operators, manure suction trucks have long received relevant support policies from the state, and such vehicles do not need to pay purchase tax. Similarly, fecal suction trucks are also equipped with cleaning tools like sprinkler trucks. Most of them use high-pressure water guns for jet washing, and a few will carry deodorants for spraying.

Sewage Truck

There are many working scenes of garbage trucks, which can be seen in various scenes. Its function is to transport garbage, mainly domestic garbage, and can also transport engineering materials under special circumstances.

Because all kinds of garbage trucks running in the city undertake different functions and divisions of labor, and transport the garbage in the city to the garbage dump or landfill, otherwise, one day’s urban domestic garbage can make the whole city smell unbearable, and a week’s domestic garbage will be Can make people nowhere to put garbage everywhere.

Therefore, garbage trucks are an indispensable and important functional position in urban planning and operation.

Rear Loader Compactor Garbage Truck

From miniature garbage trucks in alleys and alleys to small garbage trucks in residential areas, and then to large and medium-sized garbage trucks around highways, they move the garbage out of the city one by one, allowing humans to breathe.

From the collection of sewage sludge in the urban underground pipeline system to the cleaning of indoor garbage on the road, sewage suction trucks, manure suction trucks, and garbage trucks perform their duties to maintain the hygiene, safety, and cleanliness of the city.


Special Scene Special Treatment

The first thing to talk about is snow removal vehicles. Every year when it snows, government departments will organize a large number of snow removal vehicles to carry out emergency operations, so as not to cause urban traffic congestion, but also to reduce urban traffic safety accidents.

Snow removal vehicles mainly use mechanical snow removal and snow melting snow removal, which is most common in airports and highways. In order to avoid possible safety accidents, snow removal in advance to ensure safety is all its functions.

Snow Removal Vehicle Truck

The second thing to talk about is the high-pressure cleaning truck. It mainly uses high-pressure water guns to flush urban pipeline systems or industrial pipelines. In most scenarios, it operates as a sprinkler truck. When high-pressure flushing is needed to clear the pipeline, it will come forward. Its so-called high-pressure cleaning vehicle is hidden in the city.

High-pressure Cleaning Truck

The third thing to say is the road sweeper, which is an efficient cleaning device specially used for road cleaning. To be precise, it can no longer be counted as a commercial vehicle, but it belongs to the sanitation vehicle.

This type of sweeper is a high-tech vehicle that is different from the traditional sprinkler and dust collector. It does not produce secondary dust pollution, and at the same time, it can quickly clean and clean urban roads, which can avoid the danger of cleaning and cleaning operations by sanitation workers.

Mini Sweeper


All kinds of sanitation vehicles are distributed in various scenes, and they do what they can. To be honest, without sanitation vehicles, it is impossible for us in the city to breathe normal air, nor to walk on the road normally. The outbreak of a large-scale plague and influenza is the all-around and three-dimensional sanitation vehicle with different functions to clean the city with almost no dead ends, and also allow human beings to live in the city safely, comfortably, and healthily. Sanitation vehicles are health messengers walking in the city!


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