4 Major Functions Real Shot of DONGFENG Tianjin Sewer Sweeper Truck

DONGFENG Tianjin KR Sewer Sweeper Truck Bumper

The Tianjin KR sewer sweeper truck launched by DONGFENG Commercial Vehicle has distinctive features of power performance, reliable chassis carrying capacity, and high-efficiency bodywork.

Domineering appearance The beautiful scenery of the city:

DONGFENG Tianjin KR Sewer Sweeper Truck

The curved windshield glass used by Tianjin KR can effectively relieve the driver’s visual fatigue caused by complex road conditions in urban areas. Although it is a special model, this model is still equipped with side mirrors, blind spot supplementary mirrors, and yellow auxiliary turn indicators above the wheel eyebrows, combined with the rear turning voice warning to ensure that the vehicle turns when turning. Has reliable security features.

DONGFENG Tianjin KR Sewer Sweeper Truck Front Face

The V-shaped front face is the family-style design style of Dongfeng commercial vehicles. The central position of the black grille is equipped with the Shuangfeiyan three-dimensional truck logo, which is particularly conspicuous against the chrome-plated edges on both sides.

DONGFENG Tianjin KR Sewer Sweeper Truck Bumper

There are integrated headlights with blackened background on both sides of the bumper, and the built-in curved LED daytime running lights to have a reliable warning effect whether it is day or night, especially when the truck is driving in complex urban road conditions for passing pedestrians and trucks. For safety, the wide-body footrest in the middle makes it easy for the driver to clean stains on the windshield.


Appearance review:

Tianjin KR’s special municipal models are painted in white, which symbolizes environmental protection, and the prominent V-shaped front face and blackened headlights make this model a stronger brand image among similar models, as a way to show the sustainable development of the city. live business card.

In addition to the active safety of the lighting components, the mirrors, floor mirrors, and blind spot supplementary mirrors also have practical effects, and the low-position sub-bumper at the bottom also has certain safety advantages under special circumstances.

EURO VI power chain environmental protection:

This sweeper truck is equipped with DONGFENG Cummins B6.2NS6B230 EURO VI emission engine with a maximum power of 230 horsepower and a maximum torque of 950N.m. It is matched with the Fast 8JS95E-C iron-cased transmission with a first gear ratio of 10.36 and a top gear. The speed ratio is 0.79.


DONGFENG Tianjin KR Sewer Sweeper Truck EURO 6


The main reduction ratio of the 9T drive axle is 4.33. Basically, when the economical speed of the engine is 1200rpm, the economical speed can reach 57.8km/h in the highest gear ratio of the transmission.


Power Comments:

For this special sewer sweeper truck, while meeting the overall power performance, the larger 4.33 speed ratio than the 4.11 axle basic speed limit is more stable in fuel economy under the mandatory 60km/h speed limit for sanitation vehicles. It also has more power requirements under undulating road conditions.


Reliable chassis components for heavy-duty bodywork:

Tianjin KR adopts a tubeless tire with a size of 275/80R22.5 produced by Dongfeng Fengshen. This tire has lower rolling resistance than the same type of tire with a size of 11.00R22.5.

DONGFENG Tianjin KR Sewer Sweeper Truck tubeless tire


DONGFENG Tianjin KR Sewer Sweeper Truck front axle

The maximum bearing mass of the front axle is 6500kg, which is suspended by 8-leaf spring steel plates fixed by double-stage buckles. The bearing capacity meets the needs of the comprehensive working conditions of such municipal trucks.

DONGFENG Tianjin KR Sewer Sweeper Truck Special Chassis

The layout of this special chassis is different from that of traditional logistics and transportation vehicles. For example, the air filter element adopts a horizontal side-mounted design, especially in the case of dusty road cleaning, the reliability of diligent replacement is guaranteed.

The rear is equipped with a compact layout of batteries and air storage tanks, which maximizes the maximum utilization of chassis space and effectively provides convenience for the cleaning equipment that needs to be installed on such special trucks.

DONGFENG Tianjin KR Sewer Sweeper Truck Back Design

The capacity of the urea tank is 40L, and there is also a new Fleetguard brand diesel filter above it, which is placed in a very conspicuous position and is also convenient for later inspection and replacement.

DONGFENG Tianjin KR Sewer Sweeper Truck Urea tank

The truck is equipped with an iron fuel tank with a capacity of 200L. For such special vehicles with an average daily mileage of less than 100km, the cruising ability is guaranteed, especially for large-scale intensive sanitation enterprises. , The high battery life is also convenient for refueling at the wrong time, improving the efficiency of truck utilization.

DONGFENG Tianjin KR Sewer Sweeper Truck Exhaust gas treatment system

Dedicated chassis trucks naturally have a lot of professionalism in design. For example, this exhaust treatment system adopts a vertical design to increase the space for the bottom side installation. This system adopts the technical route of DOC+DPF+SCR+ASC (ammonia catcher), which adds a lot of sensor components compared to the popular models in the market.

DONGFENG Tianjin KR Sewer Sweeper Truck Drive axle

The 9T drive axle adopts 8+7 steel plate suspension with extremely strong bearing capacity, especially for the large-tonnage transportation equipment installed on the vehicle, the bearing capacity is guaranteed.


Chassis review:

Compared with the common Tianjin KR 6m8 trucks on the market, this special model achieves the ultimate in the utilization of chassis space, especially the compact battery, gas storage tank, and vertical after-processing system. The chassis with ample space is a plus. Installing cleaning equipment provides many conveniences.


Professional cleaning equipment ensures reliable city appearance:

DONGFENG Tianjin KR Sewer Sweeper Truck Advantages

This professional cleaning truck has four advantages suction, sweeping, flushing, and collecting. It can quickly clean pedestrian lanes and motor truck lanes, and then reduce dust, leaves, and other non-decomposable garbage through close cooperation with garbage trucks. influences.

DONGFENG Tianjin KR Sewer Sweeper Truck cleaning plate Adjustment DONGFENG Tianjin KR Sewer Sweeper Truck cleaning plate

The sweeping disc has a multi-angle self-height adjustment function, which can carry out in-depth stain cleaning even on potholes. At the same time, the driver can also adjust its rotation speed and spray water atomization effect according to the road dust conditions, effectively preventing secondary pollution.

Through the spraying and cleaning equipment on the side of the chassis, it is not difficult to find that the complex robotic arm can easily occupy more space for the body.

DONGFENG Tianjin KR Sewer Sweeper Truck Left and right working lights

The arrows are provided with left and right working indicators, and the dust, sewage, and other debris absorbed by the bottom equipment will enter the independent compartment at the rear of the truck and be fixed by the hydraulic oil top. There are left and right LED warning lights at the top position above, which flash yellow under working conditions to improve the active safety of the truck.

Such trucks mainly pass under urban road conditions, so the outer side of the thickened bumper is equipped with reflective warning signs required by laws and regulations, so as to provide a better warning effect for vehicles and pedestrians behind the truck.


Such municipal trucks running in cities have more prominent environmental protection first characteristics. Of course, enterprises with intensive management must add original urea and high-quality diesel to enhance the reliable and safe working ability of trucks in the whole life cycle.

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