Illustration of Fengchi Small Garbage Truck

Illustration of Fengchi Small Garbage Truck

The urban waste transfer is one of the important tasks in the operation of a city. After the garbage is sorted, the transfer of domestic garbage is inseparable from the urban beauty equipment garbage removal truck.

A garbage removal truck driving on every street corner of the city must be compliant and reliable. Today we will take a look at the Fengchi small garbage removal truck launched by CSCTRUCK.Illustration of Fengchi Small Garbage Truck


This Fengchi 1800, like the muck removal vehicles in many cities, is painted green, which is very suitable for garbage removal and muck transportation.

Illustration of Fengchi Small Garbage Truck Head

The windshield glass area of Fengchi 1800 is larger, accounting for one-third of the front face, bringing good vision and higher driving safety.

Illustration of Fengchi Small Garbage Truck Head Details

The middle grille adopts a large-area hollow design to provide sufficient air intake performance and a cooling effect for the engine. The inner lining is a honeycomb-shaped black decorative mesh, which further enhances the vehicle’s temperament.

Fengchi Small Garbage Truck Light

The headlights use a combination of LED and halogen. Daytime running lights and turn signals are LED light sources, which are eye-catching and save energy; halogen lights are used for nighttime lighting, with low color temperature, strong penetrating power, good lighting effect, low price, and easy maintenance.

Illustration of Fengchi Small Garbage Truck Rear View Mirror

The door mirrors and rear-view mirrors adopted by Fengchi 1800 make the vehicle length appear shorter, the field of vision is wider, and the blind spot is smaller, which is very suitable for passing through narrow areas.

Illustration of Fengchi Small Garbage Truck reversing video

At the rear of the vehicle, it is equipped with a reversing image, which makes it easier for the driver to reverse, which also shows the consideration of safety and the pragmatic style of Shifeng Motor.

Fengchi Small Garbage Truck Body

This Fengchi 1800 garbage truck has a length, width, and height of 3590x2000x1150 and a volume of 8 cubic meters.

Illustration of Fengchi Small Garbage Truck Lifter

There is a trash can lifting device on the right side of the cargo compartment, which can easily remove and transport garbage, saving manual loading and unloading, and saving time and effort.

Fengchi Small Garbage Truck Door

Fengchi 1800’s door opening angle is particularly large, almost reaching a 90-degree opening angle. In addition, there is a handrail at the A-pillar position, which is very convenient for the driver to get on and off the vehicle.

Fengchi Small Garbage Truck Steering Wheel

The steering wheel adopts a three-spoke design, and also adopts an ergonomic design, and is treated with concave points. The change of direction is moderate and the turning force is even.

Fengchi Small Garbage Truck Dashboard

The Fengchi 1800 instrument panel is a dual-pointer + LCD screen, with the tachometer on the left and the speedometer on the right. The LCD screen in the middle can display information such as water temperature, fuel volume, air pressure, etc. at a glance. It is more readable and shows more information at the same time. Equipped with an auxiliary braking system, which increases safety and reduces the wear of the braking system.

In addition, this model garbage truck is equipped with a central control screen, which is very smooth to use and has fast response speed, and excellent performance. It is also equipped with a number of APP applications such as AutoNavi map, which is very practical. At the same time, it also supports TF card reading, USB input, and other functions. For tool vehicles such as trucks, this configuration is very powerful.

Fengchi Small Garbage Truck Control

The control handles of the air brake and the lifting device are arranged on the right side of the driver, which is convenient for the driver to perform various operations.

It can be said that the interior design and layout of Fengchi 1800 fully reflect the good intentions of CSCTRUCK. In order to allow drivers and passengers to experience the comfort of the vehicle and the convenience of driving 100%, every detail has been achieved to the extreme.

Fengchi Small Garbage Truck Engine

The power chain system of Fengchi 1800 adopts the combination of Xichai + Wanliyang 5-speed manual transmission. The engine is the Xichai Jinwei 4DB1 series, which meets the National VI emission standard. The maximum output is 130 horsepower, and when the engine is at 1600-2400 rpm, it can output a maximum torque of 350 Nm. For a light truck, 130 horsepower is more than enough power to easily meet the needs of users.

Fengchi Small Garbage Truck Control Gearbox

It is matched with a Wanliyang high and low gear transmission.

Fengchi Small Garbage Truck Rear Axle

The rear axle is the original Shifeng SF1089-H rear axle with a speed ratio of 6.333, which can easily meet the needs of users with a 130-horsepower engine. The rear axle suspension is the main and auxiliary structure, with 10 main springs and 5 auxiliary leaf springs, with strong bearing capacity, which can easily meet the working conditions of garbage trucks.

Fengchi Small Garbage Truck Autonomous urea system

Using FAW Jiefang’s autonomous urea system. The aluminum alloy shell eliminates the urea pump, and the injection pressure is provided by compressed air. At the same time, the gas-driven urea tank system also has the advantages of a low failure rate and cheap spare parts. It only needs 50,000 kilometers to replace the urea filter in the tank and 100,000 kilometers to replace the gas filter, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the truck.

Fengchi Small Garbage Truck Tankl

Aluminum alloy fuel tank, compared with iron and plastic fuel tank, aluminum alloy fuel tank is stronger, more corrosion-resistant, good quality, and economical. At the rear is an oiler that supplies hydraulic oil to the lift.

The battery of Fengchi 1800 is arranged behind the co-pilot, and the dual-battery design can better meet the vehicle’s demand for electricity.

It is worth mentioning that the Fengchi 1800 with a curb weight of 3.87 tons is a special-purpose vehicle. It is not restricted by the utilization factor of the load and can have excellent transportation capacity.

As a cost-effective garbage removal light truck, Shifeng’s various configurations are very practical, whether it is carrying capacity, safety configuration, or driving experience, it can be regarded as the king of cost performance!

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