Legends Never Die! Scania V8 Longline

Scania Longline V8 Red

What is the biggest change in the tractor in the past two years? In addition to a stronger power, it must be a comfortable configuration and cab space. Now to measure whether a tractor is a top product, we must first see whether it has a flat-floor cab or a high-horsepower engine Many car companies have even derived concepts such as living cabins and RVs, aiming to create a mobile home in the transportation industry.

In addition to its own news attributes, the emergence of living cabin models has indeed enriched the daily life of truck drivers and also made trucks drivers more convenient for food, clothing, housing, and transportation during transportation. However, as early as the beginning of this century, a well-known Oka brand has already made a “little abacus” on the flat head tractor, which is Scania’s Longline model. And its predecessor, the eXc model, can be called the “old predecessor” of the living compartment of the modern flat head tractor.

Scania Longline V8

In the long development history of Scania, the Longline model is definitely a pearl in the sea. Its appearance made the competitors Mercedes-Benz, Iveco, Mann, Duff, and other Oka stunned at the time. products of the same era. Closer to home, the Longline’s predecessor was originally known as the eXc Concept, which was first shown by Scania at the Hannover Truck Show in 2002.

Scania Longline V8 White

In 2003 it was first renamed Longline and officially released, and in 2004 mass production was delivered. If you are a Scania fan, you must know that in 2004, Scania released a new R series at the same time to replace the previous 4 series truck. Since the beginning of 2005, after the Longline models of the 4 series and R series were discontinued due to various reasons such as cost and product iteration, Scania has never officially extended other traction models, which makes the Longline model a Scania model. One of the rarest and rarest models in the lineup.

Scania Longline V8 Classic

The Longline model uses the cab of the previous Scania Topline model as the basis and lengthens the rear by about 1.5 meters so that the rest area of the entire cab has been further improved. Flat-screen TVs, dining tables, independent reception areas, 1.6-meter double lift sleepers, microwave ovens, coffee machines, and even sinks can all enter this area, and Scania has equipped the entire Longline with V8 engines and AMT gearboxes. In 2004, such a configuration was jaw-dropping.

Scania Longline V8 Red

As an old car with a small number of surviving and a high purchase threshold, almost every well-preserved Scania Longline with low mileage in Europe has a certain collection value, and the one we are going to introduce today It can be said that the car owner has put a lot of effort and high-standard modification requirements on it. Today, we will take you to see what is the essence of the European truck modification culture?

Stefan Huber (Left)

This Scania Longline has been running smoothly in the hands of Stefan Huber for 9 years, with a total mileage of 1 million kilometers. Although the condition of the car is still very well preserved in the hands of the previous owner, since he took over the car, the upgrade has The road to modification never stops. Especially after retiring last year, this Scania Longline has been upgraded in all aspects from painting, lighting, vehicle parts, and details.

Scania Longline V8 of Stefan Huber

At present, the Scania Longline we have seen is what the finished product looks like. In terms of painting, thanks to the wide cab design of the Scania Longline model, people have room to give full play to their imagination. The flower is based on the Griffin, which Scania is proud of, and is created with a professional art airbrush, with almost no impeccable details and texture.

Scania Longline V8 of Stefan Huber 2

It is said that Scania’s spotlights are dazzling, so what do you think of this Longline modified spotlight? The owner did not choose the extremely bright LED light group but replaced it with more tasteful low-power xenon lights. The retrofit style of the LED lights is too modern and not suitable for this Scania Longline. The yellow warning light is also made of halogen material, which looks more individual when it is lit at night.

Scania Longline V8 of Stefan Huber 3

Thanks to the air suspension on both the front and rear axles, this Scania Longline has an exceptionally low front, which is very suitable for the flat road design in Europe and enhances the comfort of the cockpit. At the same time, the bottom of the vehicle and the roof are equipped with guard bars and many position lights, which are very common in the modification of European trucks. With the exclusive front fenders of the original Scania factory, this car is nearly 20 years old. “Old Guy” looks full of flavor.

Scania Longline V8 of Stefan Huber 4

The vast majority of the paint of the whole truck is designed with sky blue metallic paint, which is very bright under the refraction of sunlight, while the middle grille, side skirts, and some other detail areas are decorated with dark blue metallic paint. The use of the same color system makes this Scania Longline more attractive and more easily accepted by the general public. Of course, if you like an exaggerated style, the Mercedes-Benz and the Scania painted with lightning are more suitable for you.


Scania Longline V8 of Stefan Huber 5

The design of the entire rear of the car is more individual. The two towering titanium alloy exhausts are always shining no matter the seasons, and the huge Griffin logo in the middle area and the words V8 also make people feel that this is the case. Trolleys are by no means good. The headlights at the rear of the car are all upgraded to circular LED light sources, which are the finishing touch with the words Longline, and the trailer taillights matching this Longline also use the same design, I have to sigh the design of the details of the truck modification. how awesome.

Scania Longline V8 of Stefan Huber 6

Careful people must have discovered that the logo of this Longline model reads V8 850. Is this a model equipped with 850 horsepower? No, the owner of this Longline has not upgraded his power, for the time being, just swapped the positions of 8 and 5.

Scania Longline V8 850

The original Scania V8 engine meets the Euro III emission standards, with a maximum output of 580 horsepower and a maximum output torque of 3,000 Nm. Even now, such data is the power performance of a top tractor. At the same time, the engine can output maximum torque between 950-1350rpm, and the matching gearbox is a 12+2-speed AMT gearbox independently developed by Scania.

Even if it only outputs a maximum power of 580 horsepower, you have to know that this is the data in 2004, and in that year, the horsepower of mainstream tractors was still around 250-350 horsepower.

Scania Longline V8 Engine

In terms of some detailed configurations, the Longline model has also done very well. For example, the last step of the pedaling ladder is a foldable design. Even if a woman who is not tall wants to get in the truck, the posture can be very elegant. At the same time, it can be folded up when not in use, making the vehicle look neater.

Scania Longline V8 of Stefan Huber 9

In addition, most of the models that Scania Longline sold at the beginning were 4X2 and 6X2R designs. It is not difficult to understand. Standard transport has long been a popular concept in Europe, and most single trailers or side-mounted trailers have the same overall weight. It is not heavy, so the design of 4X2 or 6X2R can fully meet the requirements of standard load transportation, and can also take into account the fuel economy.

The car owner is most concerned about the interior of this Scania Longline. In addition to covering the door panel with better leather, a small TV is also designed, which can be done under the car while resting. Watching football games while exercising, life should not be too delicate.

Scania Longline V8 of Stefan Huber Inside

The overall instrument panel retains the original design of Longline but has been repainted. At the same time, the original plastic buttons and gear levers are all replaced with solid wood materials, which is more in line with European aesthetics. Let this “old guy” also become more refined.

Scania Longline V8 of Stefan Huber 10

As early as 2004, Scania Longline had designed the AMT handle and air brake on the instrument panel, which completely freed up the aisle space. With the design of the R series near-flat floor cab, even tall people can easily get in and out. rest area.

Scania Longline V8 of Stefan Huber Rest Part

Why is the Longline model called the “old-timer” model of the living pod? Looking at the reception area in the rest area, you can understand that although the audio system and wood grain decoration have been upgraded, the car owner has not changed the internal structure. The original model in the middle area is a folding dining table, which is convenient for dining, and the left side is a length. It is a 2000mm single bed and can also be used as a sofa.

The coffee machine and microwave oven of the vehicle have been replaced and placed in the overhead box above the main driver. There is a sink next to the sofa in the left area where you can wash your hands and dishes. Personally, I think this design is more like a bar booth. Very luxurious, if you want practicality, the interior of the original model is more practical.

Unexpectedly, although the storage space is reduced, the owner has designed a lift double bed of the same type as the RV on the top of the vehicle, which can be lifted up when not in use to avoid taking up space and can be lowered when needed. , enter the sleeper from the driver’s seat area. The width of the entire sleeper has reached 1600mm, and it is no problem to sleep two adults.

Scania Longline V8 of Stefan Huber Outside

Why is truck modification culture so popular in Europe? Whether it is being praised, entertaining oneself, or being rich and self-willed, it is not. This culture is more like a kind of inheritance, affecting generations of European truck owners. At present, a car model company has perfectly reproduced this Scania Longline in a ratio of 32:1, and the price is as high as 136 euros, which is unimaginable, and the owner’s Longline has become the most beautiful in many modification exhibitions.

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